Artist Pnb Rock Daughter is back with a new single, “What Is His Real Name?” and the accompanying music video. In the song, Pnb Rock Daughter lyrically investigates her ex-boyfriend’s real name and whether or not he is still alive. Throughout the song, she also speculates about other things that may have happened to him–like if he’s dead or not. While some may find Pnb Rock Daughter’s lyrics disturbing or even violent, others may find the depth of her storytelling captivating. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below!

Background of Pnb Rock Daughter

When the world learned of singer and songwriter Pnb Rock, many were taken aback by his daughter’s name. The parents never revealed their child’s full name, only that he goes by “Pnb Rock.” While some believe the musician is dead, no one knows for sure. In this article, we explore the background of this mysterious artist and his daughter.

Who Is Pnb Rock?

Pnb Rock was born in Watts, California on October 16th, 1970 to Charlayne Hunter and Richard Wayne Hill. Growing up in a musical household, the young PnbRock began learning how to play the drums and guitar at an early age. After dropping out of college at 19 years old, he began working as a DJ in Los Angeles before making a name for himself as a producer and performer on Arthur Baker’s “Nu-Soul” label. His first major hit came with 1996’s “No Limit” which featured Faith Evans.

His music has been featured on TV shows like “Nip/Tuck” and films like “Grown Ups.” He has also released five solo albums over the course of his career including 2009’s critically acclaimed “Vinyl” which debuted at number one on the Billboard Top 200 chart. In recent years, he has collaborated with several famous singers including Snoop Dogg, Timbaland, Wiz Khalifa, Ty Dolla $ign, Juicy J and Post Malone amongst others.

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Rumors about Pnb Rock Daughter

Rumors about Pnb Rock Daughter are circulating the internet. Some say that he is not the father of his daughter, while others claim that he is dead. However, no one can confirm these rumors.

What is the real name of Pnb Rock Daughter?

Pnb Rock Daughter: What is His Real Name?

Since the release of his album “PNB Rock 2” in February 2019, many fans have been searching for the real name of the rapper Pnb Rock. While there are multiple theories circulating online, no one knows for sure what his real name is.

Some believe that Pnb Rock’s real name is Eric Roberts, based off of a lyric from his song “Rollin' Papers.” However, this theory has been debunked by multiple sources and it’s more likely that his true identity is still unknown to us.

Another popular theory suggests that Pnb Rock is actually dead, as he references death numerous times on “PNB Rock 2.” However, there’s no concrete evidence to back up this claim and it’s more likely that the rapper just uses dark humor in his songs about death.

Regardless of his real name, one thing is for sure- we’re curious to find out!

Is Pnb Rock Daughter dead?

Pnb Rock Daughter: What Is His Real Name? Is He Dead?

There has been much speculation surrounding the identity of the father of rapper Pnb Rock’s daughter. Some say he is alive, while others believe he is deceased. However, no one knows for sure what his real name is or if he is still alive.

In an interview with BET, Pnb Rock revealed that his daughter was born in France and he had a brief relationship with her mother shortly after she was born. He says he didn’t know who the baby’s biological father was and that they have since divorced.

Despite rumors to the contrary, Pnb Rock has not commented on whether his daughter is dead or alive.


The speculation and rumor mill surrounding PNB Rock’s daughter has been going non-stop since she made headlines a few weeks ago. The little girl, purportedly his daughter, was seen accompanied by her mother in a video that went viral on social media. Since then, many people have speculated about the little girl’s identity and whether or not she is actually PNB Rock’s daughter. As of this writing, there is no confirmed information regarding who the little girl is or whether or not he is still alive. We will keep you updated as new information emerges!

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