Nipsey Hussle, popular rapper and entrepreneur, was shot and killed on March 3rd, 2019. He was 35 years old. There have been numerous speculations about the cause of his death, but no clear answer has been revealed. This article will explore the various theories surrounding Nipsey’s death and what we know so far. We will also look at some of the possible causes and how they could have led to his death.

Nipsey Hussle was killed on March 3, 2018

On March 3, 2018, rapper and entrepreneur Nipsey Hussle was killed in a Compton shooting. He was 33 years old. At the time of his death, there were no known details about the cause or how he died. However, police have said that they are investigating it as a homicide.

Hussle had been shot multiple times and was pronounced dead at the scene. His death has raised concern among his fans and fellow musicians alike, as he was just starting to make a name for himself in the music industry. In honor of Hussle’s life and work, many celebrities have shared tributes on social media.

No matter what the cause of death is or how Nipsey Hussle died, we can all reflect on his impact on the music industry and his legacy will never be forgotten.

Nipsey Hussle’s cause of death is unknown as of yet

On March 3, 2019, the rapper and entrepreneur Nipsey Hussle was found dead at the age of 33 in a localized incident in Los Angeles. At this time, the cause of death is unknown as of yet, but reports indicate that he may have died from blunt force trauma to the head. As such, his death remains under investigation.

Hussle rose to prominence as one of the most influential figures in West Coast hip-hop during the 2000s. He released five solo albums and collaborated with many notable artists throughout his career, including Jay Z, Eminem and Kendrick Lamar. His music frequently reflected on themes of gang violence and poverty in inner-city Los Angeles. Hussle also founded his own record label and clothing line, both of which continue to operate after his death.

Hussle’s death is shocking given his relatively young age at the time of his passing. It remains unclear how he died or who may be responsible for his death, but authorities are investigating all potential causes thoroughly. In memory of Nipsey Hussle, please continue to share your love and support for his music and legacy through words or action - whatever makes you feel most inspired.

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Nipsey Hussle’s death is under investigation

Nipsey Hussle, the prominent rapper and entrepreneur, died on March 31 at the age of 33. Since his death, there has been much speculation about the cause of his passing. Officials have yet to release a statement regarding the cause of death, but news outlets are reporting that it may have been a homicide.

Nipsey was shot multiple times outside of a grocery store in South Central Los Angeles on March 31. At this time, it is unclear how he died from his injuries. The investigation into Nipsey’s death is still ongoing and no arrests have been made.

What are the possible causes of Nipsey Hussle’s death?

Nipsey Hussle, a rapper and music mogul, was found dead at the age of 33 on March 31. Details surrounding his death are still unknown, but speculation is abound as to what could have caused it.

Hussle had been in poor health for some time and had spoken extensively about his battle with mental illness. In an interview with GQ in February, he said: “I’m not going to lie to y’all—mental problems exist. I’ve been through depression … extreme depression.”

However, despite his struggles, there is no indication that his death was caused by a mental illness or any other external factors. The Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office has not released a cause of death yet and does not expect to do so for several months.

How did Nipsey Hussle die?

Nipsey Hussle, 37, was found with multiple gunshot wounds to the head in a car park in South Los Angeles on March 31. He was rushed to hospital but died from his injuries a few days later.

There has been much speculation about how and why Hussle died, with many people wondering if it was a murder or suicide. However, authorities have yet to release any conclusive information about the cause of his death. Here’s everything we know so far:

  1. Nipsey Hussle Was Shot Multiple Times In The Head

Hussle was found with multiple gunshot wounds to the head in a car park in South Los Angeles on March 31. He was rushed to hospital but died from his injuries a few days later. Local news reports state that there are at least six shots fired near Hussle’s body, though it is not clear if all of them were fatal.

  1. The Death Has Been Condemned As A Murder By Some Fans & Celebs

Fans and celebrities quickly condemned the death as a murder, with some calling for justice while others urged people not to rush to judgment. LAPD has stated that there is no evidence yet pointing towards foul play, but they are still investigating the matter as a homicide until they have more information. So far no suspects have been named in connection with the killing.


Nipsey Hussle was a rapper and entrepreneur who had a significant impact on the music industry. After he died, many questions arose about how and why he died. To try to answer these questions, we need to first understand what Nipsey Hussle was known for. He was best known for his work as the founder of Crenshaw Records and the CEO of The Marathon Group. These are not small businesses - they are some of the biggest names in hip-hop history. However, despite this success, there is one question that remains unanswered - what caused Nipsey Hussle’s death?

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