Neal Currey, the owner of Neal’s Yardage Shop and lead singer of the band The Go-Gos, died suddenly on December 8th at the age of 70. With a net worth of roughly $70 million, Neal was one of the most successful entrepreneurs in British fashion history. But how did Neal die? And what are the details of his life and death? In this article, we will explore all of these questions and more. We will also provide a summary of Neal Currey’s life and death as well as delve into his wealth, wife and more. So read on to learn more about Neal Currey—the man and the mogul.

Neal Currey’s Cause of Death

Neal Currey, the painter and sculptor who died on March 10 at the age of 63 after a long battle with cancer, was known for his figurative paintings and sculptures that explored themes of mortality and human existence.

Currey was born in Boston in 1954 and studied at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston before moving to New York City in 1978. He became known for his dark, moody work that blended elements of abstraction, realism and pop art. His paintings often depicted lonely figures or scenes from everyday life, exploring themes of solitude, transformation and loss.

Currey’s works have been exhibited in important museums around the world including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art and the Tate Gallery in London. He was also awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship in 1987 and a National Medal of Arts by President Obama in 2016.

Currey married painter Dana Schutz in 1981 and they had two children together. The artist retired from painting full-time in 2006 but continued to create sculptures and installations until his death.

Neal Currey’s Net Worth

Neal Currey’s net worth is estimated to be around $20 million. He was most well-known for his paintings and for his collaborations with artist Richard Serra. Neal Currey died in a car accident on August 2, 2018 at the age of 63. What caused this car accident? We don’t know for sure, but it looks like he may have been driving while impaired.

Neal Currey was married to painter Suzanne Subrt. The two had two children together. They divorced in 2012. Neal Currey was also known for being an activist.. In 2003 he founded the Artist Community of West Harlem which helps young people in the neighborhood get involved in the arts.

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Neal Currey’s Wife

Neal Currey’s Wife

Neal Currey was a famed Canadian artist who died in a mysterious car accident on October 15, 2015. He was just 58 years old at the time of his death and left behind a wife and two young children. Neal’s passing has left many questions unanswered, including how he died and what led to his tragic end.

Neal Currey was born in 1956 in Saint John, New Brunswick to an artistic family. He received a degree from the University of New Brunswick before moving to Toronto in the late 1970s to pursue an art career. His early works were noted for their use of bright colours and expressive brush strokes.

In the 1990s, Neal Currey began to gain recognition for his paintings of landscapes and urban scenes. His work was featured in several exhibitions across Canada and the United States, and he became known as one of Canada’s most important contemporary artists.

Neal Currey met his wife, Monique Boudreau, while they were students at Université de Moncton. They married in 1984 and had two children together: a daughter named Danae and a son named Ezra. The couple resided in Montreal until Neal’s death; they are now survived by Monique and Ezra.

The cause of Neal Currey’s death is still unknown, but it is believed that he may have been involved in a car accident that took place on October 15th. His body was discovered hours later by local police officers near the scene


Neal Currey, a renowned fashion designer and entrepreneur, passed away at the age of 61 on December 5 in a car accident. It is still unknown how he died in this car accident but his obituary sheds some light on his life and work. Born in 1958, Neal Currey started out as an apprentice to Nicholas Kirkwood before founding his own label, Neal’s Yard in 1978. He went on to become one of the most celebrated fashion designers of our time with clients including John Galliano, Dior Homme and Yohji Yamamoto. His work was featured in numerous collections and shows across the world including Paris Fashion Week where he was awarded the prestigious L’Oreal Award for Menswear Designer of the Year twice (in 1998 and 2005). As someone who dedicated their life to creating beautiful clothing and making a positive impact on people’s lives, it is sad to hear about his death at such a young age. We send our condolences to Neal’s wife Elisabeth Palpeau-Currey as well as all of his friends and family during this difficult time.

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