Natural gas is an abundant and clean energy source that’s been in the news a lot lately. And with good reason: its utilization is trending upward, as the Clean Power Plan and other climate-change initiatives cause utilities to consider methane-free energy sources. But while natural gas has a lot of advantages, it’s not the only game in town. In fact, its use is actually declining in favor of renewable energy sources like solar and wind. And as we know, jobs are always in high demand. If you’re looking for a career in natural gas distribution, take a look at these stats to see how many jobs are available in this field.

What is Natural Gas Distribution?

Natural gas distribution is one of the most varied and exciting careers in the oil and gas industry. There are jobs available in natural gas distribution that range from entry-level positions to highly specialized positions. The types of jobs available in natural gas distribution include:

• Installation crews

• Production managers

• Natural gas sales representatives

• Field technicians

• Utility engineers

What are the Different Types of Natural Gas Distribution?

Natural gas distribution is the process of bringing natural gas to consumers. There are a few different types of distribution:

Local distribution - This is the most common type of distribution and it involves piping natural gas directly to homes and businesses.

Interstate Distribution - This type of distribution takes gas from production areas and transports it to customers throughout a region.

National Distribution - National distributions are responsible for supplying gas to entire countries or regions.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Working in Natural Gas Distribution?

The advantages of working in natural gas distribution are that the jobs are always in demand and there is a lot of opportunity for advancement. The disadvantages of working in this field include the long hours and physical labor requirements.

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How many Jobs are Available in Natural Gas Distribution?

There are a variety of jobs available in the natural gas distribution industry. Some of these positions include:

• Pipeline technician

• Gas meter reader

• Field engineer

• Natural gas distributor

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