Everleigh’s Soutas is one of the most popular social media influencers with over 12 million followers on Instagram alone. She is also a successful YouTuber, businesswoman, and model. But who is Everleigh’s dad? And how did he die? In this blog post, we will explore the life of Everleigh’s dad and how he died. We will also look at who her real dad is, as well as some of the speculation surrounding his death.

Everleigh’s Soutas' dad died when she was two years old

Everleigh’s dad, Chad Soutas, died when she was two years old. According to Everleigh’s mom, Nicole, Chad died in a car accident. Nicole has said that Everleigh has never met her real father and that she does not know who he is.

This must have been a really tough time for the family, losing a loved one so suddenly. We can’t imagine how hard it must have been for Everleigh, as a young child, to lose her dad and not even have the chance to meet him. Thankfully, she has a loving mom who has been there for her through everything.

Everleigh’s mom remarried when she was five years old

When Everleigh was five years old, her mom remarried to Sean Soutas. Sean is Everleigh’s real dad. He died when she was nine years old from cancer.

Everleigh has two half-sisters

Everleigh has two half-sisters who were born to her father’s previous wife. Her father passed away when she was only two years old, so she never got to know him very well. Everleigh’s mother remarried and had another daughter with her new husband, making Everleigh the middle child in her family. Even though she didn’t grow up with her dad, Everleigh is very close with her half-sisters and considers them to be some of her best friends.

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Everleigh’s father’s death was ruled a homicide

Everleigh’s father, Savas Alex Soutas, died in September 2018. The cause of death was ruled a homicide by the Los Angeles County coroner’s office. Everleigh’s mother, Paige Soutas, has said that her husband was killed by an “unlicensed driver” who hit him while he was riding his bike.

Paige has set up a GoFundMe page to help with funeral expenses and to support Everleigh. She wrote on the page: “No one should have to go through what we are going through. We lost our everything.”

Everleigh’s father’s death has left the family devastated. Paige is now raising Everleigh on her own and is trying to cope with the loss of her husband.

Everleigh’s mother is currently married to her stepfather

Everleigh’s mother, Tori, is currently married to Everleigh’s stepfather, Cole. Tori and Cole met when they were both in college and married shortly after graduating. Cole is a high school teacher and football coach, and Tori is a stay-at-home mom. Everleigh has two half-siblings from her mother’s previous marriage, and she also has a stepsister from her father’s previous marriage. Everleigh’s father passed away when she was five years old, so she does not have any memories of him.

How did Everleigh’s dad die?

In 2011, Everleigh’s father, Greg Soutas, tragically died in a motorcycle accident. He was only 31 years old. Everleigh was just a baby at the time and her mother, Tiffany, was left to raise her alone.

While Everleigh’s father’s death was a tragedy, it is not something that she or her family dwell on. They remember him fondly and have used his death as a motivation to live their lives to the fullest.

Everleigh has never met her biological father and does not have any desire to do so. She is happy with the family she has and loves her mother very much.

Who is Everleigh’s real dad?

Everleigh’s birth father, Tyler Blue Smith-Nilson, died of brain cancer when she was just four months old. Her mother, Savannah LaBrant, married Cole LaBrant in 2016 and he became Everleigh’s step-dad. Cole has two children from a previous relationship, which makes Everleigh a step-sister as well as daughter.


Everleigh Soutas' dad died when she was only two years old. Since then, she has been raised by her mother and step-father. Though she doesn’t have many memories of her biological father, Everleigh says that he is still a big part of her life.

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