Happy Easter, Joe Biden! It was great to see you at the White House yesterday and we were so excited to get a chance to wrap some presents for you. We’re big fans of the Vice President and we know he’s a big fan of wrapping paper, so we thought this would be the perfect project for us. If you’d like to see how we made our Biden wrapping paper, be sure to check out our blog post later today. In the meantime, have a great Easter and we hope to see you soon!

Joe Biden’s Favorite Easter Tradition

Joe Biden’s Favorite Easter Tradition

When it comes to his favorite Easter tradition, Joe Biden says that he enjoys spending time with his family and friends. He often wraps presents for them on Easter morning, and he loves getting excited about the upcoming holiday with everyone else.

Joe Biden’s Favorite Easter Candy

Joe Biden loves Easter candy and what better way to show it than with wrapping paper! He has a few favorite candies that he enjoys, but his all time favorite is Reese’s Pieces. He usually gets a bag of them at the grocery store and will often bring some home for himself and give some away as gifts.

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Joe Biden’s Favorite Easter Gift

Looking for a unique Easter gift for Vice President Joe Biden? Check out his favorite wrapping paper, which is made of recycled materials! The paper is printed with images of Biden’s hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania and features the words “Happy Easter Joe.”

Biden reportedly loves the paper because it reminds him of his roots. He has even given copies to some of his closest friends and family members. If you’re looking for an Easter gift that will truly be special to Biden, this is definitely it!

Joe Biden’s Favorite Easter Memory

Joe Biden’s Favorite Easter Memory

When Joe Biden was a young boy, he and his family would always celebrate Easter together. His favorite memory from those days is when his dad would wrap all of them up in colorful paper and put them in the Easter egg hunt. It was such a fun time for the whole family and Biden especially cherished this tradition because it brought everyone together.


Happy Easter, Joe Biden! We hope that you have a wonderful day surrounded by family and friends. In honor of Easter, we’ve put together a collection of images featuring the former Vice President in some pretty fun situations. From playing with eggs to giving hugs, these pics will make your day. Be sure to share them on social media so everyone can enjoy them!

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